PNWERPacific Northwest Economic Region (trading relationship between: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington, British Columbia, Alberta, and the Yukon Territory)
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Although Alberta's primary interest in PNWER is the development of export markets, it has also used the forum to address other issues such as CANAMEX, a proposed trade corridor through Alaska, the Yukon, B.
Our two jurisdictions have also worked in tandem to advocate with the US and Canadian federal governments through organizations such as PNWER to advance development and acceptance of the Enhanced Driver's Licence.
At a kick-off workshop in Spokane, Washington, in November 2001, PNWER brought together the core partnership members, including the major utilities providers from both sides of the U.
Unlike PACE and PNWER, the Cascadia Project focuses largely on transportation issues (www.
Alberta s participation in organizations such as PNWER is essential to promoting an understanding within the region and between our countries on common issues like energy policy, trade development and cross border matters, said Starke.
Only PNWER can be said to share that border through regional planning, including for the resilience of trans-border critical infrastructure systems and networks.
Here, the different visions for cross-border regions are clearly contoured: The initiator of the PNWER, Senator Bluechel, made his view very clear in the headline of an article: "Reaping profit from the new world order" (Bluechel 1991).
During the tour, DeLong, Chair of the PNWER delegate council, will emphasize Alberta s ongoing commitment to be an environmentally responsible energy developer and leading supplier to the U.
PNWER has allowed for our countries to make headway on a number of key topics, such as transportation and shipping, workforce, and cross border issues.
aspx (discussing Ambassador Jacobson and Ambassador Doer's involvement with PNWER, and PNWER's feedback regarding the Beyond the Border's Action Plan).
Prior to the action plans' inception in December 2011, PNWER working groups had been instrumental in providing regional input for these action plans, which are the cornerstone of North America's economic competitiveness and security strategy.
Olesen is participating in the PNWER tour of Olympia, Washington, from January 26 to 28.