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PO-MOPars Orbital-Molecular Orbital
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In fact, the final entry in this mean-spirited collection is "A Po-mo Quiz" created by editors Bell and Klein.
In contrast, Rotorua, where Maori villages, mud pools and geysers, are tourist attractions, higher land values mean that the historic Princes Gate Hotel, a late-Victorian gem, has now been swamped by a po-mo congress centre, tatty motels and spas.
The material toughness and the attendant chilly glamour of much of the work in this show share something with Noland's caustic po-mo rerouting of the legacies of Pop and Minimalism.
She pitches a po-mo vid project to the group which then negotiates into a promo vid as well.
The po-mo toad was still croaking out in the suburbs, but urban sophisticates were drawn to the cool lines of the post-war era, and Shulman's photos pushed up the prices for modern classics.
For all the dialogic chaos, it's an easy text to thematize, to reduce to some glib scrawl lifted from some po-mo bad-girl diary.
Rummler was evidently given terrifying amounts of freedom in concocting his windowless urban landscapes, which combine the functionalist confidence of late modernism (banks of plastic molded seating shining under fluorescent tubing) with some misguided forays into po-mo extravagance: decorative brickwork contrasting with bold stripes of black-and-white tiling, or a newspaper kiosk masquerading as a miniature country cottage.
The AA never went for Po-Mo and magically overlaid the theorists (who could be brought over for the day from Paris and then sent back) with a remarkable set of drawing people.