PO1Petty Officer 1st Class
PO1Police Officer 1 (law enforcement)
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Aside from Quiteves' case, another incident involved that of two members of the police, namely: PO1 Antonio Carmona and PO2 Richard Guiyab who were caught on video using prohibited drugs.
TS 3, post-oxidized at 500[degrees]C (PO1), shows a lower friction coefficient in the beginning and at the end of the test compared to TS 1 and TS 2 with PO1.
The family moved to Hawaii, where PO1 Toy committed more sexual acts with his stepdaughter, including sexual intercourse, over the course of several years.
RFA Bureau Recruitment, Room F4, Lancelot Buildings PP29, Portsmouth, PO1 3NH.
1,329,332 on project PO1 HD2253900-01, conducted by Boston University, to demonstrate that malnourished rats bear offspring which are mentally retarded.
PO1 was hospitalized for 3 days with 70 estimated lost
It is also available free on 01705 855468, or by writing to Wightlink at 70 Broad Street, Portsmouth PO1 2LB.
For details of attractions and entertainment or your holiday accommodation contact: Tourist Information Centre, The Hard, Portsmouth PO1 3QJ (tel: 01705 838382) or call in at your local ABTA travel agent.
Posted offer experiments: POS1 = p166, POS2 = p176, POXS1 = iu03, POXS2 = iu26, PO1 = iu23, PO2 = iu24, POX1 = iu10, POX2 = iu25.
I know many of you reading this are probably wondering why, with such a junior crew, was there was no PO1 or CPO present.