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PO2Partial Pressure of Oxygen
PO2Petty Officer 2nd Class (Canadian Forces)
PO2Placental O2 (Oxygen) Transport (physiology)
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PO2 Roger signaled the other members of the team watching from vantage points that he had identified their target.
Twin brothers PO3 Yeo Sang-min and PO2 Yeo Sang-hoon are also serving the navy at a base in Gunsan, North Jeolla Province.
For PO2 and PCO2 electrodes, gas calibrations should be performed often and quality assurance involves analyzing either manufactures or laboratory tonometered test samples.
In tribute to PO2 Blake, I would quote Winston Churchill's salute to clearance divers: "It is an utmost proudness of myself to have met these men, those lords that I salute, praise and admire." (Thanks to Dippers Digest for this note.)
PO2 Festus followed the chief to the quarter-deck, where he was issued a 9-mm pistol, shoulder holster, and 45 rounds of ammo.
The patented formula, now available in Britain in the face cream PO2 Visage delivers oxygen directly into the skin, together with essential vitamins.
(It was recorded in the blotter because PO2 Mangarin is an investigator.
LA TRINIDAD, Benguet Two police officers were killed when two grenades exploded during a fireworks display at a plaza in La Paz, Abra at dawn yesterday to mark the celebration of the town fiesta.Police Officer 3 Carlos Bocaig and PO2 Frenzel Kitoyan of the Abra police Mobile Force Company died at the scene.
Nabbed were SPO1 Antonito Otic, PO3 Danilo Sotelo, PO3 Ronald Buncad, PO3 Oliver Antonio, PO2 Rodrigo Edralin and PO2 Romeo Nunez III, all members of the Carranglan Municipal Police Station in Nueva Ecija.
While conducting a phase alpha inspection on a VFA-151 F/A-18E Super Hornet, PO2 Mikolaichik was in the process of conducting the HS1 and HS2 hydraulic return hose assembly inspection.
If the artery is then found successfully, the small amount of venous blood mixed in with mostly arterial blood, will result in significant changes in most of the values, especially PO2. PO2 is affected even if the venous sample volume was very small compared to the arterial sample volume.
One hour before the end of another 12-hour shift, a PO2 relieved a PO3 on shotgun watch [used locally when ThreatCon Charlie is in effect].