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PO2Partial Pressure of Oxygen
PO2Petty Officer 2nd Class (Canadian Forces)
PO2Placental O2 (Oxygen) Transport (physiology)
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In fact, market power of this type may have been exercised in PO2.
Then comes an increase in the sympathetic nervous system activity, usually a physical or emotional stressor, which raises adrenaline production, which directs the myocardial cells to break down glucose using aerobic glycolysis (remember, no change in blood flow as measured by the pO2 in the cells has occurred).
In tribute to PO2 Blake, I would quote Winston Churchill's salute to clearance divers: "It is an utmost proudness of myself to have met these men, those lords that I salute, praise and admire.
Aside from Quiteves' case, another incident involved that of two members of the police, namely: PO1 Antonio Carmona and PO2 Richard Guiyab who were caught on video using prohibited drugs.
When patients with metastatic cervical cancer underwent pelvic irradiation, there was significant improvement in outcomes at 19 months if the intratumor pO2 was greater than 10 mm Hg.
14 pCO2 55 mm Hg pO2 64 mm Hf cHCO3 18 mEq/L Vital Signs B/P 70/P mm Hg RR 26/min HR 108/min Temp 370C Electrolytes Na 143 mEq/L Cl 105 mEq/L K 5.
The addition of glucose to the epoc BGEM Test Card, which includes in vitro diagnostic tests for pH, pO2, pCO2, Na, K, iCa and Hct (plus calculated values), further expands the clinical utility of the Company's point of care blood gas and electrolyte platform.
I told them to exit through the hatch and asked my fellow PO2 to notify damage-control central while I tried to find the cause.
Frequency for QC for co-OX is at least every 24 hours; however, there is a requirement for QC every eight hours for blood gases pO2, pCO2, and pH.
Causon sustained three bullet wounds in the back as his motorcycle crashed, radio station dzMM reported citing information from a local police officer, PO2 Fernando Cacayurin.
Although, this patient's pO2 appears low on room air, one must remember that hypoventilation can also cause hypoxemia.
It's a whole lot more different and a whole lot more relevant," says PO2 Smith about the competition.