POAFPortuguese Air Force
POAFPlan Operativo Anual Forestal (Spanish: Forest Annual Operating Plan)
POAFPak Oman Advantage Fund (finance)
POAFPurchase Order Approval Form
POAFPakistan Overseas Alliance Forum
POAFPostoperative Atrial Fibrillation (cardiology)
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The search for the ideal antiarrhythmic for POAF prophylaxis is far from finished.
Statistics: POAF and POAF prophylaxis (AF) Statistics: AF(2) x AF prophylaxis(3) [chi square]-test df P Pearson [chi square]-test 0.
Based on previous arguments, we believe that further studies on ECG signs are needed to clarify more accurately the mechanisms of individual different POAF rates and to confirm the importance of modulating real underlying mechanism to improve clinical outcome.
Readers will treasure the beautiful aircraft photos and find the bibliography useful for locating additional information, but they will gain few insights into POAF operations or doctrine.
Under the terms of the agreement, Angiotech has been granted an equity position in Symphony Medical in exchange for the exclusive license of Angiotech's technology in the field of POAF.
POAF was defined as any episode of atrial fibrillation within the hospital stay after CABG surgery.
In our study, POAF was a predictor variable and the outcome variables were presence and number of fQRS.
All patients were monitored for the occurrence of POAF with continuous electrocardiographic telemetry until the day of discharge from the hospital.
The binary logistic regression analysis with enter method was used for all relevant independent variables predictive of POAF with a p value <0.
Patients with POAF had lower left ventricular EF (p<0.
While non-AF group had higher statin use, POAF group had higher usage of calcium channel blockers.
001) were independent predictors of POAF (Table 3).