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POAHPreservation of Affordable Housing (Boston, MA)
POAHPreoptic Area of Anterior Hypothalamus
POAHPhotosensitized Oxidation Auto-Hemotherapy
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Growing evidence has suggested that the warm-sensitive neurons in the POAH spontaneously increase their firing rate at sleep onset.
In 2007, Woodlawn's resolute Grove Parc Plaza residents invited POAH to the community.
POAH stepped in to preserve this property's federal affordable housing subsidies.
After acquiring the property in December of 2008, POAH began to address its significant challenges, working collaboratively with a broad range of stakeholders to develop a comprehensive plan that would affect the broader Woodlawn neighborhood.
Before the peripheral cytokines reach the POAH, a febrile response is elicited.
Together, the BHA, Madison Park Development Corporation (MPDC), Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH), city agencies, and many community partners have drafted strategies that build on the strengths of the community to capitalize on planned investment while maintaining the fabric and soul of Lower Roxbury.
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