POAPPower on Auto Provisioning (Cisco)
POAPPlan on a Page (various organizations)
POAPPetty Officer Assignment Policy
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PoAP has the PDI value of 3.2 suggesting the presence of small amount of oligomers in the polymer sample.
So -OH absorption peak appears at about 3338 (sharp), 3375 (broad), and 3270 [cm.sup.-1] (sharp) for PoAP, PmAP, and PpAP, respectively.
The amorphous regions are visible by the broad low intensity halo; accordingly, the PoAP is more crystalline than PpAP and PmAP.
The degradation temperature of PpAP (480[degrees]C) is higher than that of PoAP (400[degrees]C) and PmAP (465[degrees]C).
The potentiodynamic polarization curves of MS in 1M HCl with the addition of various concentrations of PoAP, PmAP, and PpAP are shown in Figures 5(a), 5(b), and 5(c), respectively.
The Nyquist plots of MS in 1M HCl in the presence and absence of various concentrations of PoAP, PmAP, and PpAP are depicted in Figures 6(a), 6(b), and 6(c), respectively.
The corrosion behaviour investigation, the percentage inhibition efficiency of these polymers obtained from potentiodynamic polarization, and EIS measurements are in good agreement and the corrosion inhibition efficiencies are in the order PpAP > PoAP > PmAP.
Check Your Head began in 1998 when Poaps and nine other young people wanted to organize a youth conference around the MAI.
"There was such a demand for this discussion that we had to form a group after the conference," recalls Poaps.