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POATPre-Owned Asset Tax (UK)
POATPolice Officer Assistance Trust (Miami-Dade County, Florida)
POATPsychological Operations Assessment Team
POATPlane On A Treadmill
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Whereas previously successive governments have followed the policy of plugging specific loopholes in the legislation as they are exposed by tax planners, the new approach is to say that, if certain factors exist, you will be liable to pay POAT unless you can bring yourself within specified exemptions.
Services and technical assistance to support the Convergence objective regions must contribute to the achievement of the overall goal of POAT ~youth~ on the ~Consolidation and strengthening the governance capacity of Convergence Objective regions in the field of youth policy in scenario, integration and unified planning, with particular reference to the planned interventions under the Cohesion Action Plan nonprofit youth "through the implementation of actions and instruments for strengthening the capacity of" integrated planning "of the regional governments and the strengthening their operational capacities aimed at the development of intervention models for young people.
Feldstein HS Poats SV and K Cloud Conceptual Framework for Gender Analysis in Farming Systems Research and Extension In: Feldstein, HS and Poats, SV (Eds) Gender and Agriculture: Case Studies in Intra-household Analysis, Kumarian Press 1989; 25-40.
Until recently, most empirical studies of gender issues in natural resource management focus on agricultural examples, rather than on conservation (Casey and Paolisso 1996; Feldstein and Poats 1989; Poats, Schmink and Spring 1988).