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POATPoint of Aim Target (target shooting)
POATPre-Owned Asset Tax (UK)
POATPolice Officer Assistance Trust (Miami-Dade County, Florida)
POATPhosphate Organic Acid Technology (automotive coolant)
POATPsychological Operations Assessment Team
POATPlane On A Treadmill
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POR 57.14% POS CCE 56.94% POS Transport 56.65% POAT 55.30% POS DRU 46.53% POS Mediu 42.28% PODCA 42.02% FIGURE 2 - CURRENT ABSORPTION RATE AT THE LEVEL OF OPERATIONAL PROGRAMMES (OP), 31ST DECEMBER 2014 Source: the Ministry of Public Finance, 2014, http://www.fonduri-ue.ro, Note: Table made from bar graph.
Whereas previously successive governments have followed the policy of plugging specific loopholes in the legislation as they are exposed by tax planners, the new approach is to say that, if certain factors exist, you will be liable to pay POAT unless you can bring yourself within specified exemptions.
Organiser Rob Poat said: "NEON 2004 will let companies get all the advice they need under one roof - and it's free for visitors,
Organiser, Rob Poat, said: "Last year's event was a big success and it means companies can get all the advice they need under one roof.
This is borne out by the occurrence of Hutka (line 6), according to POAT no.
Whether it was a car, a child safety seat, a baby cushion or a faulty appliance, many of these deaths and injuries could have been prevented because they involved products that had been recalled" (Poat, 1990, p.
Mix wine with bouillon and pour into an 8- or 9-inch Yunnan poat or 2-quart bowl.
In Thorpe & Soleil Investments v Poat & Lake, the EAT repeated that it does not matter whether or not the employee intended to raise a grievance within the body of the letter, adding that the employee does not need to comply with a contractual procedure for the letter to amount to a valid grievance.
Organiser Rob Poat said: "It's a great opportunity for the region's business leaders to network, meet new contacts and find that crucial edge which will give them an advantage over their competitors.
In April this year, the taxman tightened his grip, with a new Pre-owned Assets Tax (POAT) designed to plug gaps in IHT.