POBSPirates of the Burning Sea (online game; also seen as POTBS)
POBSPreservation of Bandwidth Society
POBSPerception of Birth Scale (nursing)
POBSPsychological Operations Broadcast System
POBSPrioritized Optical Burst Switching
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In 1987 POBS moved from their original home at the Palais Garnier to their beautiful new home in Nanterre, a suburb of Paris, where academic and dance classes, as well as housing, are provided.
Twelve of her POBS students have won medals in major competitions and have become etoiles throughout the dance world, including Patrick Dupond and Sylvie Guillem (whom she recruited from a gymnastics team).
In 1981 he became an instructor at POBS, where he teaches the most advanced boys.
The seminars at NYU, however, did not include POBS students, but teachers and young American students who auditioned for participation in the classes.
Students enter POBS from ages eight to twelve -- extended to age fourteen for boys -- by audition.
Bessy and Golovine answered questions daily after each session, emphasizing that there is no set methodology to POBS teaching, but ample logique is used in advancing their pupils.