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POCPoint Of Contact
POCParticulate Organic Carbon
POCPiece Of Cake
POCPort Of Call
POCPaid Outside of Closing (real estate)
POCPile Of Crap
POCPoint of Care
POCPoint of Care (healthcare industry)
POCProof Of Concept
POCPlan of Correction
PoCPush to Talk Over Cellular (cellular telephony)
POCPeople of Color
POCPostal Operations Council (Universal Postal Union)
POCPirates of the Caribbean (movie)
POCPlan of Care
POCPerson of Color
POCProbability of Causation
POCProof of Claim (insurance industry)
POCPhilippine Olympic Committee
POCPolicy Oversight Committee
POCPorts of Call (computer game)
POCPiece of Crap
POCPrisoner of Conscience
POCProfessional Officer Course
POCPhysical Optics Corporation
POCPort O'Connor (Texas)
POCPower Converter
POCPrivately Owned Conveyance
POCPlano Oficial de Contabilidade (Portuguese: Accountancy Official Plan)
POCPhysical Organic Chemistry
POCPoint of Compliance
POCPoint of Connection (Irrigation Design, Landscape Architecture, Water Management)
POCPassion of the Christ (movie)
POCProceeds of Crime (Canadian legal term)
POCPaid on Call (firefighting)
POCPurchase Order Change (EDI)
POCPorsche Owners Club
POCPersonnel Operations Center
POCPen of Chaos (French website)
POCPakistan Origin Card
POCProduct of Conception (genetics testing)
POCPayload Operations Center
POCPoint of Commencement (legal description)
POCPortable Object Compiler
POCPolar Cod (FAO species name code )
POCPoint of Call
POCPump Off Control
POCPsychological Operations Company
POCPetty Officer Cadet
POCProduct of Combustion
POCPermanent Orienteering Course
POCParole Outpatient Clinic
POCPollutant of Concern
POCPulse Of Capitalism
POCPlatoon Operations Center
POCPoint on Curve (surveying)
POCProof of Closure (switch for a valve or acuator)
POCProduction Office Coordinator (film and television industry)
POCPotential Officers Course (UK)
POCPersonal Oxygen Concentrator
POCParents of Ostomy Children
POCPrecursor Organic Compound
POCPosition of Comfort
POCPassage of Conflict (fictitious location; Dark Age of Camelot online game)
POCProcessor Outage Control (CCS #7 & ITU-T)
POCPissed Off Customer
POCPeace Observation Commission (UN)
POCPerformance Objectives and Criteria
POCPreliminary Operational Capability
POCMetal Powder Cutting (welding)
POCPerson On Call
POCPort of Convenience
POCProyectos de Obra Civil (Spanish)
POCPower of Connecting
POCPoint of Concept
POCPu`u `O`o Cone (Hawai'i)
POCPosterior Circulation Syndrome (medical)
POCPreliminary Operational Concept
POCPissed Off Chick
POCPlayer-Owned City (role-playing clan)
POCParent of Child
POCProfessional Officer Candidate
POCProject Overview Committee
POCPaxson Oil Company
POCPerson of Conscience
POCProject Officer Coordinator (FEMA)
POCProperty of Canada
POCPercent of Original Charge
POCParticulate Oxidation Catalyst (automotive emissions reduction)
POCPublic Operators Code
POCPulmonary Opacity Code
POCPack of Chihuahuas (band)
POCPerson on Cocaine
POCProcurement Order Cycle
POCParameter Order Change
POCPentecostals of Cary (Cary, NC)
POCProbability of Criticality
POCPoint of Control (finance)
POCProtect Our Constitution
POCProtection of Civilians
POCProof of Citizenship
POCPartner of Choice
POCPride of Cleveland
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The traditional set of POC tests includes: blood glucose testing, blood gas and electrolytes analysis, rapid coagulation testing, rapid cardiac markers diagnostics, drugs of abuse screening, urine strips testing, pregnancy testing, fecal occult blood analysis, hemoglobin diagnostics, infectious disease testing and cholesterol screening.
This report covers all major infectious disease areas addressed by POC technologies:
While a state department of health might accept such a poorly written POC, in cases involving litigation, the document would be scrutinized happily by a plaintiff's attorney and interpreted as expressing indifference to regulatory compliance.
The dissent also criticized the majority for telling nursing homes they could gain access to an administrative hearing and to judicial review by refusing to submit a POC, noting that whether a "termination" (or other serious sanction) is applied to a nursing home that refuses to submit a POC is at HHS' discretion.
Through technical collaboration with partners such as Volvo and Ericsson, POC is pioneering innovative safety concepts.
POC CEO and founder, Stefan Ytterborn, said "we are now entering the road bike scene and we need to go all in and support our mission of doing everything we can to possibly save lives and reduce the consequences of accidents, and at the same time assist with performance through advances in technology.
New market research report "Cardiology Point of Care Diagnostics: Products, Players & Outlook to 2017" worked out by Espicom Business Intelligenceprovidesa complete understanding of the issues which are shaping the POC cardiology diagnostics market globally as well as how they will affect its commercial development in future.
Global POC Glucose Testing Market Analysis: 2012-2019
Review of the emerging POC market segments, including their dynamics, trends, structure, size, growth and major suppliers
The primary concern articulated by most of the healthcare practitioners is the importance of ensuring the accuracy and reliability of POC test machines.
This new 337-page report contains 31 tables, and provides a comprehensive analysis of the PT and APTT testing in POC locations, including trends, dynamics, size, growth, regulatory requirements, technological trends, competitive landscape, and emerging opportunities for instrument and consumable suppliers.