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POCAProceeds of Crime Act 2002 (UK)
POCAProtection of Children Act (United Kingdom)
POCAPediatric Perioperative Cardiac Arrest
POCAPostgraduate Cypriot Archaeology (annual conference)
POCAPoint of Closest Approach
POCAPossession of an Open Container of Alcohol
POCAPerformance Oriented Construction Activities (contract type)
POCAPublic Offender Counselor Association (now International Association of Addictions and Offender Counselors)
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The treated CPH with different POCA content was characterized for chemical functional groups by Perkin Elmer Paragon 1000 FTIR spectrometer.
I do not see why you shouldn't make some contribution to this POCA hearing.
The facility in Poca employs approximately 15 people.
For hundreds of thousands of POCA users, it would actually have been easier to get their pensions from their local corner shop rather than having to go to a town centre PO.
The POCA provides for the establishment of a confiscated assets fund; the Minister of Finance is also responsible for the management of this fund.
Similarly omitted is Giovanni Marinello's chilling assertion that out of every ten deaths in childbirth, nine are caused by the ignorance of the midwife ("E certamente non mentirei se io dicessi che delle dieci donne che periscono nel parto, nove per poca scienza e cagione della levatrice si moiono.
DB Ricky Sherrod, Charleston Capital OL Brad Knell, Poca LB Jimmy Parker, Mt.
The UNO[R] champion, Lucinda Kowalewski from Poca, W.
The approved budget assumed the receipt of PS6million of Poca monies and the profile of budgets assumed PS2million would be received by January 31.
The POCA financial hearing was conducted in her absence.
is is a commissioner who is calling on the Government to give us more of the assets we get from POCA and I agree with him.
Since then dozens of major criminals have been sent to prison, with many of them being subjected to subsequent action under POCA, the Proceeds of Crime Act.