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POCANPrevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (Wisconsin)
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The LANXESS Gastonia facility produces the high-tech plastics Durethan (polyamide) and Pocan (polybutylene terephthalate), which allow automotive engineers to design lighter-weight plastic components to replace metal parts in cars, contributing to fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.
In a race to replace Tammy Baldwin in the 2nd Congressional District of the US House of Representatives, longtime State Assemblyman Mark Pocan easily defeated newcomer State Assemblywoman Kelda Helen Roys.
Mark Pocan is generally recognized as the source of the "FitzWalkerStan" label.
Table 1--adhesive viability--compression press vulcanization Polymer Tradename Manufacturer Tear force (N/mm) PA 46 Stanyl TW 341 black DSM -- PA 66 Durethan AKV 30 Lanxess -- PA6T/6I Grivory HTV 5 H1 EMS-Chemie -- PBT Pocan B 3235 Lanxess -- PEEK PEEK 450 CA30 ** Victrex -- PEEK PEEK 450 FA30 ** Victrex -- PPS Fortron 1140 L4 nature Ticona -- PPS Fortron 1140 L4 black Ticona -- PPS Fortron 4332 L6 black Ticona OD Polymer Rupture * PA 46 ++RD PA 66 ++R PA6T/6I +RD PBT OD PEEK ++R PEEK ++RD PPS OD PPS +RD PPS +RD * Press cure 3 min.
These facilities will start producing the high-tech plastics Durethan (polyamide) and Pocan (polybutylene terephthalate) at the beginning of 2012.
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Perhaps due to its flexibility and bipartisan origins, comprehensive planning has been "wildly popular," says State Representative Mark Pocan (D-Madison).
The polling in many states shows that the Republicans have gone too far," says Mark Pocan, a progressive state assembly member in Wisconsin.
It always made sense for us to work together, but that didn't necessarily happen," says Wisconsin State Representative Mark Pocan, a Democrat who co-chairs the Midwest Progressive Elected Officials Network, members of which have been in the forefront of promoting legislation to require more accountability from corporations.
As one of the worlds leading industry fairs for lighting and electrical technologies and residential and commercial building automation, it offers ideal opportunities for presenting the latest developments in our Durethan polyamide and Pocan polyester ranges to international partners in the electrical, electronics and lighting industries, and for intensifying customer relations, explains Marc Marbach, head of the E&E sales segment of the LANXESS High Performance Materials business unit.