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POCDPlan of Conservation and Development (Connecticut)
POCDPostoperative Cognitive Dysfunction
POCDPoint of Care Diagnostics (New South Wales, Australia)
POCDProcess Operational Concept Document
POCDProof of Concept Demonstration
POCDPrint On Customer Demand
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POCD is a common complication in elderly patients after major surgery.
Several experimental studies suggest that some anaesthetics could promote inflammation of neural tissues leading to POCD and/or Alzheimer's disease (AD) precursors including beta-amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles.
This is a form of POCD that can strike as much as 50% of older patients having heart surgery or hip replacement.
As far as POCD is concerned, at present there is controversy as to whether it exists as a discrete entity, let alone whether anaesthesia has a part to play in its pathogenesis, or whether the choice of anaesthetic agent or technique influences its incidence.
POCD is common after heart surgery, but now we're seeing it in patients who have other operations.
Doctors say they don't know what causes POCD, but I thought there was one obvious answer the doctors overlooked.
put patients at risk of being afflicted with delirium, POCD or even permanent brain damage because a brain monitor is not used.
Elderly patients (defined as patients age 60 and over in this study) with POCD three months after surgery had a significantly increased incidence of cerebral desaturations during surgery, as monitored with Somanetics' INVOS(R) Cerebral Oximeter.
In total, 69 percent of the elderly patients exhibited POCD one week after their surgery, and 24 percent still had POCD three months later.
Adding glucose testing to the IRMA product offering further demonstrates the broad applicability of our low cost, high quality, electrochemical thick film platform in the growing critical care POCD market.
This POCD information management system involves the integration and storage of data into the portable IRMA POCD instrument, or integrated into an Agilent multiparameter monitor by a Vuelink connection.