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POCSAGPost Office Code Standardisation Group
POCSAGPost Office Code Standardization Advisory Group
POCSAGPost Office Code Standard Advisory Group (UK)
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High speed paging protocols have a number of advantages over POCSAG for operators and users, especially when existing POCSAG system base station sites can be used, which minimizes operator investment.
and abroad, are licensing rights from Motorola to build pagers that operate on Flex, while the major carriers are in the process of upgrading their systems from Pocsag to Flex, which gives them the ability to put five times as many subscribers on their networks as they can today.
Flex, developed by Motorola's advanced messaging systems division to replace today's much slower Pocsag system of transmission, has already been adopted by 70 percent of the world's largest paging markets.
The company uses today's POCSAG paging system to send pages, but has added software that allows users to roam the country.
The pager is available in the Pocsag format but will available for the FLEX protocol in February 1996.
The Tracker offers a one-line display and is available to retailers in a sythesized Pocsag format in VHF, UHF and 900MHz frequencies.
Compared with today's existing POCSAG protocols, FLEx offers greatly increased transmission speed, flexibility, improved data integrity and significant longer pager battery life.
FLEX offers speedier transmission than today's POCSAG system.