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POCSAGPost Office Code Standardization Advisory Group
POCSAGPost Office Code Standard Advisory Group (UK)
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a leading manufacturer of ReFLEX advanced messaging devices and FLEX and POCSAG 1way devices, is a privately held Massachusetts company.
Motorola is committed to working with Multitone to transition POCSAG, FLEX(R) and ReFLEX(TM) product lines and we feel Multitone is capable of filling our place in the market," said Karen Dunning, vice president and director of business development at Motorola's Wireless Messaging Division.
With companies jumping to the next generation of paging technology, such as FLEX, which offers higher-speed transmission among other benefits, there was space for us to buy up in POCSAG paging," Moiani explained.
These radio transmitters digital POCSAG alert / CCIR work in the 80 MHz band.
Establishment of a POCSAG alert network for emergency responders of the non-police security, including alarm receiver with feedback function for the district of SchwEnbisch Hall.
Irius Technologies can also provide solutions using already firmly established technologies such as POCSAG, ERMES or GSM.
Here, in the counties of Sigmaringen and Ravensburg a digital alarm system in the 2 m band POCSAG standard is rebuilt and replaced the analog 5-tone alarm in Sigmaringen County, the old captivating Digital alarm system in the district of Ravensburg is still new for some time parallel to the to be erected system operated and the technology of digital alarm system in Lake Constance is adapt.
The LS350 and LS750 are expected to be available in POCSAG second quarter 1999.
The FLEX protocol decoder chip set, combined with Samsung's own IF/PLL-based, MCU-based, LDI-based and EEPROM-based products, is expected to expedite the growth of Asia's FLEX pager market as the market transitions from POCSAG technology to FLEX protocol paging.
The transmitters are designed specifically to the requirements of the European market and support all popular paging protocols, including POCSAG, FLEX and ERMES.
Compared with today's existing POCSAG protocols, FLEx offers greatly increased transmission speed, flexibility, improved data integrity and significant longer pager battery life.
With much greater capacity than traditional one-way POCSAG (Post Office Code Standardization Advisory Group -- an over- the-air protocol) networks, the Motorola advanced infrastructure also gives Kansas Cellular the ability to resell capacity to other service operators and add much longer text applications, such as wireless data and email transmission.