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POCTPoint of Care Testing
POCTPrimary Ovarian Carcinoid Tumor (cancer)
POCTPoint-Of-Care Technology
POCTPoetry from Other Cultures and Traditions
POCTPort Orchard Community Theater
POCTProof of Concept Trials
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Through interviews I've learned POCT analyzers are not very common and only a few private laboratories have the ability to support a range of chemistry analyzers--even if the range is just a few.
"The adoption of CRP POCT would also have organisational implications for general practices in terms of impact on patient flow, the need for quality assurance and potential displacement of activity through longer consultation times for patients who undergo the test.
[5] have previously shown in SA that HbA1c results were comparable to standard laboratory testing when using the DCA Vantage POCT device.
For example, skills and experience gained from working in established health care systems can be applied, such as POCT best practice, regulations, accreditation, and risk management, among others.
Detective Inspector Chris Riley, from the POCT, added: "These types of operations are normally a result of intelligence being provided from the public.
As it stands, there is variable access to and uptake of HIV testing innovations such as point-of-care HIV testing (HIV POCT) and this is particularly challenging in non-urban settings across Canada.
Following the success of a proof-of-concept device, the company has recently gone on to be awarded a further PS440,000 of support, via Innovate UK's biomedical catalyst competition, to develop a POCT system based on the company's high-sensitivity chemiluminescence detection technology.
The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effect of participation in a POCT quality improvement system over time for CRP, glucose, and Hb and to determine which factors are associated with good participant performance.
"...development, implementation, and connectivity of portable diagnostic and monitoring devices for POCT will be part of a successful shrift from curative medicine to predictive, personalized, and pre-emptive medicine," Kim Futrell, products marketing manager for Orchard Software Corporation, wrote in a June 2015 whitepaper titled, "Laboratory Point-of-Care Testing: A Future Outlook." "Point-of-care technologies are quickly becoming part: of the transformation of the healthcare landscape.
Technavio's analysts forecast the POCT market in Europe to grow at a CAGR of 4.07% during the period 2016-2020.
The methods of POCT include meters or monitors and strips.
With the technical advances making POCT more accurate, less expensive, and simpler to use, POCT may be the way of the future in streamlining and improving laboratory services.