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POCTPoint of Care Testing
POCTPoint-Of-Care Technology
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POCTProof of Concept Trials
POCTPort Orchard Community Theater
POCTPrimary Ovarian Carcinoid Tumor (cancer)
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With the technical advances making POCT more accurate, less expensive, and simpler to use, POCT may be the way of the future in streamlining and improving laboratory services.
There was great variation across clinics, in terms of suitable space for POCT testing; all sites required some renovation that ranged from installing a bench and security gate, to erecting pre-fabricated structures.
In addition to quick turnaround times and its role in preventive healthcare, the uptake of POCT is fuelled by the capability to easily integrate with emerging healthcare IT enabling higher value.
Redmond added, "The reason for the shift from central laboratory to POCT and steady growth in the type and number of POC tests performed have been stimulated by various factors such as increased competency of test results, reduced costs, better access for patients and a general reduction in patient time spent with healthcare providers.
POCTs do not require sample processing or refrigeration, and have a shelf life of 6 months or more.
One of the major advantages of POCT is that it provides much faster access to test results, allowing for more rapid clinical decision making and more-appropriate treatments and interventions.
The first involved analysis of quantitative data collected to measure change in clinical decisions associated with POCT use.
Advanced POCT instruments combine selected chemistry, hematology and hemostasis parameters to provide the most accurate and reliable results.
POCT requires that pre-and post-test counselling be modified.
John (a testing consultant in Perth, Western Australia) also explain how POCT needs to be organized to ensure the most reliable service.
The service offers 16 POCT (point-of-care testing) products provided by Nippon Becton Dickinson, including reagent kits for detecting influenza virus, adenovirus and Helicobacter pylori.
The stated ethos for Theranos -- to provide actionable information at the time it matters most-- additionally remains just as viable if the company chooses to further develop its technology as a POCT analyzer.