POCUPeople of Color United (Washington, DC)
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However, limited information is available how POCU applications could increase net economic return from rice production (Guo et al.
A financial comparison in the market value of N fertilizer and rice grain are hence needed to optimize N input since the wholesale price is always higher in the purchase of POCU than NCU.
One NCU (46% N) and three types of POCU (MEISTER S9 used in early rice, mixed MEISTER 70 and MEISTER 100 used in late rice, 40% N, Table 1) were selected.
In POCU treatments, MEISTER S9 was applied to the soil before seeding of early rice.
Averaged over years and N levels, greater annual grain yields were significantly ranked as under POCU greater than under NCU greater than under control (11.
Overall, all above-ground biomass was increased with N fertilization rate and was significantly higher under POCU than under NCU.
In addition, the POCUs from blends of the POD and the PCD were also produced using their mixture instead of a single component.
Characterization and Properties Measurement of the POUs and the POCUs
In addition, phase separation did not take place in these resultant POCUs, which were dissolved in DMF.
No specific Tm could be identified for all the POCUs in the DSC charts.
From this point of view, the soft segments of the above POCUs might be comprised of block copolymers with PHMOU and PHMCU blocks.
The ultimate elongation of the POCUs seems not to significantly change with the chemical composition.