PODAPotohar Organization for Development Advocacy (rural population advocacy; Pakistan)
PODAPriority-Oriented Demand Assignment
PODAPrevention of Domestic Abuse (UK)
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She informed all participants that Lok Virsa is the first cultural organization in Pakistan which has stood behind PODA and supported them in highlighting the achievements of rural women not only at home but also abroad.
A number of organizations and NGOs have set up their promotional stalls in the festival including PODA, Green Rural Development Organization, Hyderabad; Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO); Rural Support Program Network (RSPN), Bedari; South Asia Partnership Pakistan, FAO; Women for Women Initiators, Quetta and many more organizations were present.
KO PODA is celebrating after securing the skills of well-connected DJ Paul Morrell for a Saturday night shindig.
She expressed these views while chairing a meeting of various Civil Society Organizations including Aurat Foundation, SUNGI, ROZEN, PODA, WORDS and NCSW, here today in the Ministry of Women Development, Islamabad.
Sameena Nazir, PODA will brief about the objectives and expectations of 2011 Conference.
Ghazala Gola, Balochistan Minister for Women Development, Mrs Sitara Ayaz, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Women Development, Dr Nafisa Shah, Secretary Women Parliamentarian Caucus and Ms Cecilie Landsverk, Norwegian Ambassador to Pakistan, also attended the conference proceedings and highly appreciated the role of Lok Virsa, PODA and other partner organizations in holding the mega event in a professional manner.
Executive Director PODA, Sameena Nazir on the concluding day said that this year theme was selected in the post-flood context to review all aspects of disaster mitigation and women role in food security and food prices decisions and impact.
Se practicaron podas sucesivas y se realizaron tres raleos.
As podas sao realizadas em junho/julho e janeiro/fevereiro, havendo necessidade de tratamento com a cianamida hidrogenada para forcar e uniformizar a brotacao das gemas (Mello, 2004).
Foram realizadas duas podas apicais, a primeira, 11 dias apos o transplantio (10/10/2006), com o objetivo de induzir a planta a emitir brotacoes laterais.
Moura e Costa (2001) verificaram em Rio Branco, Estado do Acre, que o aumento da frequencia de podas e o intervalo entre a poda e a colheita resultaram na diminuicao do rendimento de raizes.