PODCIPediatrics Outcomes Data Collection Instrument (musculoskeletal disorders)
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5) between two independent groups within physical examination (PE) findings and PODCI scores in two-tailed analysis, the sample account was determined to be at least 105 in each group.
9] Cronbach's alpha values of the subscales for PODCI were found to be 0.
The PODCI subscale score was distributed normally (p>0.
The correlation between BMI values and PODCI "happiness" subscale score values is shown in Table 7.
Reliability of PODCI subscales in two groups and in total are listed in Table 8.
We compared PODCI subscale mean[+ or -]SD scores in our study and found a difference only in "Happiness" subscale scores between the two groups.
They also found relationships between BMD and other functional domains within PODCI.
On the PODCI, the children with UCBED scored lower than the general population on upper extremity function but for other domains showed no difference.