PODPParenteral and Ophthalmic Drug Product (pharmaceuticals)
PODPPrinciples of Document Processing (conference)
PODPProvincial Oncology Drug Program (Canada)
PODPPreliminary Outline Development Plan (Hong Kong)
PODPPublic Office Dialing Plan
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The goal of the Working Group is to establish a uniform, consistent, quantitative and science-based approach to evaluate and qualify leachables in PODP This approach will extrapolate the SCT, QT and AET principles previously developed by PQRI for OINDP to PODP, and will include best demonstrated practice recommendations for conducting chemical assessments for the discovery, identification and quantification of CCS-derived leachables and extractables in PODP.
The Thresholds and Best Practices document and the activities of the PODP working group are posted at www.
PODP Leachables and Extractables Working Group, March 2007, Product Quality Research Institute (PQRI)