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PODSPortable on Demand Storage
PODSPrinciples Of Database Systems
PODSPipeline Open Data Standard (pipeline GIS data model developed by Gas Research Institute)
PODSPalm OS Developer Suite
PODSPassive Occupant Detection System
PODSPortable Oil Diagnostic System
PODSPilot Ocean Data System
PODSPolar Orbiting Density Scanner (fictional)
PODSPhysical Oceanography Data System
PODSPlant Operations Data System
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PODS Secure Mobile Storage Containers: PODS storage containers are available in a variety of sizes that are conveniently delivered to a business location and then picked up as requested.
POD is a revolutionary Internet platform that anyone can use, free of charge, to engage in real-time communication with friends, family, and colleagues.
Executive Director of the PODS Association, discusses the opportunities that working with the OGC will offer the pipeline industry.
With Senseo coffee pods no longer available at retail in the U.
Each pod is exclusive to you for 24 hours, either as a tag team of 24 people each taking an hour, or one person for the whole period.
Ensuring that machine owners have access to a wide range of pods to cover all coffee drinking occasions is one of the best ways to maximise machine usage and therefore pod sales.
But the pods are expensive and only available online.
Knowing that there were many variables added into the standard equation of pod in-pod out theory, we should have re-evaluated our safety measures for accountability.
Mailwash founder Kate Bartham (right) collects dry cleaning from a customer at her new Mailwash Pod at Warwick Parkway
As important as what pods contain are what they keep out: noise, mess, distraction and disorganization.
During the 1990s, the average number of vessels clustering around a pod of whales increased roughly fivefold, and it now averages about 22.
Females of the species produce fruit in the form of seed pods that are 10 to 15 inches long, depending on the species.