POEPAPakistan Overseas Employment Promoters Association
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He said that POEPA has located five new markets Qatar, Kuwait, Malaysia, South Korea and Turkey to absorb these people, adding that according to Pakistan Bureau of Immigration, 85,000 Pakistanis are currently working in Qatar.
Besides, Pakistan has not faced a major challenge in terms of retention of workforce in the region," the POEPA chairman said.
He emphasized that the major aim and objective of implementation of this code of ethical conduct is to identify un-ethical practice in our trade and to establish guidelines and procedures on fair and ethical business practices applicable to all POEPA members.
Aqeel Awan member of POEPA said that the code provides industry-wide principles for ethical recruitment, promoters self-accountability and regulates the conduct of overseas employment promoters with ethical standards that comply with the emigration ordinance and emigration rules 1979.
All registered POEPA members must comply with the standards set out in the code of conduct and will be required to report on their compliance with the code every year.
Speaking to POEPA leaders Rashid Sheikh, Ishaq Janjua, Aqeel Awan, Raja Sultan and others, he said that LNG contract might profit industry, agriculture and domestic consumers while government will be in a place to minimize tariff to render relief to masses.
Economy is growing, investors' confidence continue to improve while energy import and manpower export deals with Qatar are highly significant, said Chairman POEPA Chaudhry Mohammad Afzal.
POEPA is a sole democratic forum representing Overseas employment promoters which is a regular license holder from the Ministry of Commerce, he said.