POERPolice Officers for Equal Rights (Columbus, OH)
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However, according to the "naive" theory, the pulsar's magnetic field, which poers its pulsations, should have decayed away to nothing after about 10 million years, and this pulsar ought no longer to be active.
But during the restoration process, Delapore and his friends discover a passage beneath the house leading to a horrible underground chamber--a prison wherein past de la Poers bred and fattened captive Neanderthals for cannibalistic slaughter.
Kvomo or himne hjamvitr ofan There appeared like from the sky, the one with her helmet - ox geira gnyr - poers grame hlifpo; - the darting of spears increasing - she protected the warrior; pa kvap pat Sigrun - sarvitr flugo, Sigrun, skilled in riding the air, shouted