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POETSPush Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday
POETSPiss On Everything Tomorrow's Saturday
POETSPiss Off Early, Tomorrow's Saturday
POETSPersonalized Online Electronic Text Services (Kyoto Notre Dame University)
POETSPut Off Everything Tomorrow's Saturday
POETSPurchase Order Entry and Tracking System
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And which of us poets hath not adulterated his wine?
This, however, do all poets believe: that whoever pricketh up his ears when lying in the grass or on lonely slopes, learneth something of the things that are betwixt heaven and earth.
Our poets are men of talents who sing, and not the children of music.
It is because he has ministered with such marvellous vigour, and variety, and fine skill to this interest, that he is the most modern, to modern people the most important, of poets.
I see no reason, then, why our metaphysical poets should plume themselves so much on the utility of their works, unless indeed they refer to instruction with eternity in view; in which case, sincere respect for their piety would not allow me to express my contempt for their judgment; contempt which it would be difficult to conceal, since their writings are professedly to be understood by the few, and it is the many who stand in need of salvation.
said the First Poet, triumphantly, and endeavouring to devour his award broke all his teeth.
But when I think over all the other poets I have read, he is supreme above them in his response to some need in me that he has satisfied so perfectly.
You will find when you come to read much of the poetry of those days, that poets were very fond of making use of a dream by which to tell a story.
His death by drowning gave rise to the great Dragon-boat Festival, which was originally a solemn annual search for the body of the poet.
The poets Wordsworth and Coleridge are of special interest not only from the primary fact that they are among the greatest of English authors, but also secondarily because in spite of their close personal association each expresses one of the two main contrasting or complementary tendencies in the Romantic movement; Coleridge the delight in wonder and mystery, which he has the power to express with marvelous poetic suggestiveness, and Wordsworth, in an extreme degree, the belief in the simple and quiet forces, both of human life and of Nature.
The old poet seated himself beside his hearth, and took the little fellow on his lap; he squeezed the water out of his dripping hair, warmed his hands between his own, and boiled for him some sweet wine.
The poet blushed again, and said: "I do not think that can be the case, for my verses have never been printed.