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POFPlastic Optical Fiber
POFPremature Ovarian Failure (early menopause)
POFPlenty of Fish (dating website)
POFPiano dell'Offerta Formativa (Italian school document)
PoFProof of Funds
POFPolymer Optical Fiber
POFPlanes of Fame (air museum at Chino Airport, California)
POFProbability of Failure
POFPakistan Ordnance Factory
POFPoint of Failure
PoFPlane of Fear (gaming)
POFPlane of Focus (photography)
POFPurchase Order Financing
POFPillar of Fire (church in Denver, CO, USA)
POFPhase Only Filter
POFpriority of fires (US DoD)
POFPerfect Order Fulfillment
POFPayment for Order Flow (stock exchange)
PoFPieces of Flair (blog)
POFPontificating Old Fart
POFPatient's Own Frame
POFPrivate Operating Frequencies
POFPot of Food (fire service members)
POFPermanently Oil Filled
POFPulse Outline Format
POFPut on File
POFPeriod of Affordability
POFPower of the Force (Star Wars movie)
POFPrivilege of the Floor (political speeches)
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He told the delegation that in the present war on terror, POF has helped Pakistan Army in terms of arms and ammunition despite many challenges.
laboratories and state-of-the-art POF production units are at the
Now, Joe and the sales rep make money on those POF guns.
Medical device designers are able to specify POF assemblies and harnesses in terms of connector types, jacket material and color, temperature range, UL certification, cable lengths and tolerances, numerical aperture and fiber size, says MickaE1/2l Marie, European business manager, Molex.
Known for his quirky "Prototypes d'Objets en Fonctionnement" (Prototypes of Functioning Objects), 1991-, Hyber here complemented new POFs, mostly modified versions of earlier designs that have been scaled into child-friendly formats, with energetic diagrammatic paintings.
The combination of the NYCE EPM-2 and NYCE NPC-75 POF allows Broadband Service Providers to service premises with old cabling without having to make an investment in upgrading the premise's existing wiring.
In general, POF splitter Conceptually, POF splitter has similar function, operates to couple or combine several optical data pulse as a single coupled signal.
Since these lesions are benign and do not infiltrate bone, their management consists of excision for a POF, and enucleation by vigorous curettage for a COF.
POF has many causes, including infection, endocrine abnormalities, autoimmune disease, and various treatments for cancer.
Initially, the POF is a distinct structure, but it rapidly deteriorates and becomes undetectable within a few days (Hunter and Goldberg, 1980).
Professor Roger Gosden, from Cornell University in New York, who led the investigation, said: "Our study validates the hypothesis that twins have a statistically significantly higher prevalence of POF than women generally.