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POFPlastic Optical Fiber
POFPremature Ovarian Failure (early menopause)
POFPlenty of Fish (dating website)
POFPiano dell'Offerta Formativa (Italian school document)
PoFProof of Funds
POFPolymer Optical Fiber
POFPlanes of Fame (air museum at Chino Airport, California)
POFProbability of Failure
POFPakistan Ordnance Factory
POFPoint of Failure
PoFPlane of Fear (gaming)
POFPlane of Focus (photography)
POFPurchase Order Financing
POFPillar of Fire (church in Denver, CO, USA)
POFPhase Only Filter
POFpriority of fires (US DoD)
POFPerfect Order Fulfillment
POFPayment for Order Flow (stock exchange)
PoFPieces of Flair (blog)
POFPontificating Old Fart
POFPatient's Own Frame
POFPrivate Operating Frequencies
POFPot of Food (fire service members)
POFPermanently Oil Filled
POFPulse Outline Format
POFPut on File
POFPeriod of Affordability
POFPower of the Force (Star Wars movie)
POFPrivilege of the Floor (political speeches)
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Pakistan Youth XI demonstrated their brilliance against the hosts POF as they fought well in the first set and also showed some glimpses of the training they received from their Iranian coach.
In their match, Pakistan Youth XI demonstrated their brilliance against the hosts POF.
Lt Gen Umar Farooq Durrani, HI(M) Chairman POF Board hoisted the national flag.
The UFMC plant is one of many POF production facilities that will not only cater for the demand in Defence field but also towards the civilian industrial demand in the country.
The army chief praised the contribution of POF towards national economy, stressing the need to improve the business model and importance of excellence in core business to keep up with contemporary challenges.
While addressing the POF officers and workers, Chief of the Army Staff appreciated their invaluable contributions by making POF the prime defence industry of Pakistan.
Gen Bajwa also inaugurated multiple facilities including the Urea Formaldehyde Moulding Compound (UFMC) Plant, Station Headquarters building, as well as the POF Colony, Sanjwal, that will benefit more than 11,000 families.
POF is not only willing, they seem to thoroughly enjoy coloring outside the Mil-Spec lines.
Speaking on the occasion, the interior minister said he won't care for his own life, if the labourers at the POF complex in Wah Cantt are unsafe.
Now, Joe and the sales rep make money on those POF guns.
POF, which initially comprised only four workshops, today stands transformed into a modern defence industrial complex, comprising a Weapons Factory, a Propellants Factory, a Machine Gun Factory, an Explosives Factory, a Small Arms and Ammunition Factory, a Filling Factory, a Medium Artillery Ammunition Factory, a Brass Mills, a Heavy Artillery Ammunition Factory, a Tungsten Alloy Factory, a Tank and Anti Tank Ammunition Factory, a Bombs and Grenade Factory, a Carbide Factory and a Clothing Factory.
The POF may occur at any age range, (3) especially in individuals with poor oral hygiene; but the lesion exhibits a peak incidence between the second and third decades with females being affected more than males.