POFAPalm Oil Fuel Ash (industrial by-product)
POFAPolymer Optical Fiber Amplifier
POFAPlan of Action
POFAPola i Fale (Polish: Fields and Waves)
POFAProgrammed Operational & Functional Appraisal
POFAPictures of Facial Affects
POFAProgrammed Operational Functional Analysis
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As shown in Figure 1, POFA is generated by the combustion of agricultural residues, such as palm fibers and palm kernel shells in biomass thermal power plants [21].
POFA. Palm oil fuel ash (POFA) used was a by-product obtained from burning of palm oil shell and husk at temperature of 940[degrees]C from a Kahang mill, Kluang Johor, southern state of Malaysia.
This paper therefore studied the effect of varying POFA composition on strength distribution of metakaolin based geopolymer cured in ambient condition by application of the Weibull distribution.
It consists of 110 black and white images of caucasian actors portraying the six universal emotions plus neutral expressions, the POFA has been used to study emotion recognition rates in normal and psychiatric populations around the world.
The use of POFA in Malaysia as a supplementary cementing material for concrete first started in 1990 (Tay 1990).
Entretanto, tais bancos nao tem ainda a mesma validade que os bancos mais estaveis POFA e Cohn-Kanade.
Palm oil fuel ash (POFA) is a by-product from biomass power plants, in which palm oil residues such as fibers, shells, and empty fruit bunches are burned to generate electricity.