POFAPolymer Optical Fiber Amplifier
PofAPlan of Action
POFAPola i Fale (Polish: Fields and Waves)
POFAProgrammed Operational & Functional Appraisal
POFAPictures of Facial Affects
POFAProgrammed Operational Functional Analysis
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POFA has been used not only in normal concrete but also in special concretes such as high strength, high performance, and aerated concretes.
The present paper reviews the potential use of POFA as a supplementary cementing material for concrete.
The physical properties of POFA are greatly influenced by the burning condition, particularly burning temperature (Abdullah et al.
The specific gravity of unground POFA generally varies in the range of 1.
Ground POFA was used in this investigation passing 90% sieve number 325.
It is obvious that the final setting time which is the hardening time for all POFA geopolymer pastes is not less than 2 hours and not more than 3 hours by suing oven curing method at 60 C.
The flow table results of POFA geopolymer paste with various activator concentrations are presented in figure 1.
POFA geopolymer paste was able to be set and harden at ambient temperature but it required not less than 18 hours to 24 hours.
2 MJ/kg while the calorific values of POFA and PF were 13.
min) while the lowest value was obtained for POFA brick (3.
There was only a small difference in terms of physical and mechanical properties of the POFA and PKS brick.
Although PF brick was not as good as control brick, POFA brick and PKS brick in terms of physical properties, it provided the greatest energy saving.