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POGPlay Online Games (video game website)
POGPolyphonic Octave Generator (audio equipment)
POGPediatric Oncology Group
POGPrice of Gold
POGPot of Gold
POGPoint of Grace (band)
POGPlayer of the Game
POGPaths of Glory (board game)
POGPiece of Garbage
POGPrice of Government
POGPort Gentil, Gabon - Port Gentil (Airport Code)
POGport operations group (US DoD)
POGPortage, Wisconsin (Amtrak station code)
POGPrice of Glory Wrestling (professional wrestling circuit)
POGPerson Other than Grunt
POGPineapple, Orange, Guava
POGPiece Of Gum
POGPoetry Group (Tucson, AZ)
POGPersonnel Other than Grunt
POGProject Officers Group
POGPassionfruit, Orange, Guava
POGParts, Oil & Grease
POGPeriod of Gestation (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
POGProgram Operating Guide
POGPrisoners of Graffiti
POGPropulsion Operating Guide (TMINS)
POGProcess Offgas
POGPurchase Order Generator
POGPhilharmonia of Greensboro (Greensboro, NC)
POGPerson of Girth
POGPriorities of Government
POGPettus Organic Group (University of California, Santa Barbara)
POGProperty of God
POGPsychological Operations Group
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The company is responding to customer requirements and embracing the practice of safety integrity certification by manufacturing a range of products that provide this high level of assurance to customers -- including SIL2-certified flame and gas detectors, release valves and actuators for use in POG facilities -- as well as fully integrated systems, engineered and approved to SIL2 standards.
During the development of weapon systems, POG members work together to complete required analyses and tests.
During Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, the 4th POG provided PSYOP support to coalition forces as they destroyed Iraqi forces in southern Iraq and Kuwait.
On November 30, 2006, the POG briefed the council on RRW, and the council determined that RRW "is feasible as a strategy for sustaining the nation's nuclear weapons stockpile for the long-term without underground nuclear testing.
He will be in the High Street /New Street / Corporation Street area and will be recognisable by his POG T-shirt.
The Army's only full-time, regular psyops unit is the 4th POG.
The POG phenomenon is an unpredictable mix of ground up and top-down forces, of accident and design, impossible to predict and, according to most industry observers, already in decline.
The term POG dates back to 1930 when the Haleakala Dairy in Hawaii placed decorative cardboard tops, similar to milk bottle tops, on their best selling fruit drink, a combination of passion fruit, orange and guava.
The dairy could make significant profits off the requests that come in daily from promoters who want to license the registered POG trademark for billfolds, caps, T-shirts and other items, but it has resisted those offers.
With it, you can capitalize on the promise of improved POG communication and improve compliance, resulting in in-store execution by gaining instant access to targeted POGs even from remote locations.
Funrise kicks off the newest POG craze with a POG Tournament for the kids in Orange County to show off their SLAMMIN' POG skills
OAHU, Hawaii -- To Celebrate Its Hawaiian Heritage Special Edition POG Sets Will Be Distributed Throughout The Islands For A Limited Time Prior To The Nationwide Launch