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POGOProject On Government Oversight
POGOPartnership for Observation of the Global Oceans
POGOProfile Guided Optimizations
POGOPediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (Canada)
POGOPolar Orbiting Geophysical Observatory
POGOPrivately Owned/Government Operated
POGOPop the Seatbelt, Open the Window, Get Out (fire and rescue)
POGOPercentage of Glottic Opening (endotracheal intubation assessment)
POGOPaying for Our Growth in Oregon
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His 1957 Patent for the "Master" pogo stick, shows the now iconic curved handle and dual supporting bars.
To perform a test, a patient presses the Pogo test port, and Pogo automatically lances the finger, collects a blood sample and displays a result after a four-second countdown.
Before April I'd never done anything like this before and now I'm a multiple pogo record holder.
Over the past 10 years, pogo has grown from a children's activity into an extreme sport.
Once back in the water, Pogo will be based at the Hull Marina, across the river from Parliament Hill.
While Burr and Crandall are still working out the particulars of their pricing, a trip on Pogo will certainly cost more than a first-class ticket on a commercial carrier.
A traditional pogo stick's jumping power comes from a steel spring inside its body.
Pogo will join Turner's Cartoon Network brand, which has aired in India since 1995.
Serial ATA is the next step in storage evolution with features such as hot swap," said Tim Lee, president of Pogo Linux.
Brian struck the dog on its back so hard with a pogo stick that the stick bent, while Jessica, armed with a golf club, also pummeled the creature.
The owner of one of Britain's biggest toy distribution companies is convinced the most popular Santa stocking surprise this year will be a pogo stick.