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POGSPeace Out Girl Scout
POGSPeople Other than Grunts
POGSPhilippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society (Foundation), Inc.
POGSPhysician Organization Gain Sharing (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan)
POGSPolar Orbiting Geomagnetic Survey
POGSPolar Orbiting Geomagnetic Satellite
POGSPortable Oxygen Generation System
POGSParents of Gifted Students (Kent, WA, USA)
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To guarantee the correctness result, a POGs model is proposed to guarantee the result correctness.
Either way, I had tonnes of the things and must have spent every penny I earned (cleaning the car and such things) on Pogs at one point.
Helen Amorin of POGS 7 said the activity's organizers aimed to promote cervical awareness among women and encourage them to have themselves checked before its too late.
Pogs were another unexpected best-seller - the game involved stacking up decorated cardboard disks and throwing plastic disks at them to see which ones landed face up.
The B-1B POG had over 60 members from a total of 14 organizations, five of which were SPO functional organizations.
The following are those phases which have been awarded under BBCs by POGS and those being tendered by the NIOC unit:
61) In practice, POGs do not take votes, so members and observers participate on an equal footing.
The facility has 60 machines that are owned of which 8 are POGs.
As when AAFES ran the store, NEX Djibouti will use POGs instead of coins in 5, 10 and 25-cent denominations.
Then throughout the year, staffers also hand out pogs (yes, pogs) to one another for a job well done.
Pogs and Pokemon cards are excellent manipulatives for sorting and pattern recognition.