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POHPilot's Operating Handbook
POHPower-On Hours (life expectancy of electrical/electronic equipment)
POHPath Overhead (SONET)
POHPontiac Osteopathic Hospital
POHPursuit of Happiness
PoHPlane of Hate (gaming)
POHProbability of Hail (meteorology)
POHPersonal Oral Hygiene
POHPlayer Owned Houses (Runescape)
POHPlains of Havoc (Tibia game)
POHProcess on Help-Request (SAP)
POHPatrons of Husbandry (various locations)
POHPull Out of Hole (oil drilling industry)
pOHPotential of Hydroxide
POHPast Obstetric History
POHPat on Head
pOHPower of Hydroxide (ion value)
POHPhillips Oval Head
POHPeace Out Homey
POHPentecostals of Hohenwald
POHProduction Overhead (various companies)
POHProject Open Hand (California)
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Poh Kong's stand-alone credit strength lies in its established reputation and strong market position and, healthy balance sheet and adequate debt coverage.
An earlier study by Mitchell (2005) reached similar conclusions using state-level data from Arizona, although the study is to a great extent hampered by its assumption that physician owners can be identified simply as physicians with high-volume POH admissions.
With people living longer, questions about whether the amount saved is adequate for a person after retirement becomes a market concern, said Poh.
POH executive director Tom Nolan explains: "Ruth often told the story of having a 'fussy' husband and not a lot of money.
The POH East Coast dance parties incited are infamous and said to be almost as raucous as seeing the Fucking Champs or the Oxes.
TIME TO REMEMBER Linda Siaw Poh Cheng with the Japanese maple tree she planted as a reminder of her time here.
Saudia Arabian Al-Jaber and 20-year-old Frenchman Poh impressed manager Colin Lee yesterday in a full-scale practice match against Leicester City at the Premiership club's training ground.
Tony Wilkie-Millar, of the Big Top Theatre which will host the Ladyboys during their visit, explained: "We got a phone call from Bangkok airport saying Poh was not going to get on the plane.
patent: 5,855,818 Issued: January 5, 1999 Inventors: Poh Poh Gan and Michael Bessette Assigned: Rogers Corp.
Hunter was carried from the field on a stretcher and evaluated at the POH Medical Center emergency trauma center.
Clinical research using intranasal delivery of POH in patients with recurrent malignant gliomas has resulted in a statistically significant increase in survival for patients with primary or secondary brain cancers.