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POHAPort of Houston Authority
POHAPulmonary Oedema of High Altitude (respiration)
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The reference to baskets probably relates to the many woven kete used for poha in a given season.
AVA GUARANI AYVU: Narracion de los Ava Guarani del Departamento de Kanindeju Distrito de Villa Ygatimi Comunidad Itanarami-Aranduka Poha (2003).
Season with Maldon[R] sea salt and espelette pepper and coat with poha flakes.
Rambutan, longan, carambola, jaboticaba--the names alone are exotic But add to them familiar island favorites, such as mango, lychee, poha and starfruit, and you have the makings of Hawaii's $1.
Spicy Cereal Snack Mix (Chivda) PREP AND COOK TIME: About 30 minutes NOTES: infuse poha (rice flakes) with a spiced oil to make this sweet-hot-sour snack mix, or substitute Weslern breakfast cereals for the poha, as Alur-Kundargi often does.
dinu charia si tisari dai amala mangalavara poha maha dai pichhalai pakhi [19]
chef Roy Yamaguchi's Hawaiian restaurant empire stretches to Newport Beach where his Fashion Island Roy's at 453 Fashion Center Drive 1, features resident chef Chris Garnier's kalua pork and nalo greens, muscovy duck with lilikoi poha berry sauce and a Hawaiian vintage chocolate haupia Napoleon for dessert.
4 nayaahariche padartha at bhandara district prison rava, poha etc.
Another healthy snack variation made with chiwda is poha, which offers all the goodness of essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E & folate.
Zar Ali Khan Chairman FATA Commission for Human Rights, Taimur Kamal coordinator of Paukhnkhwa Civil Society Network, Suleam Yousafazi from POHA appreciated the initiative and termed it a way forward to help destitute women in distress.
The other items on my menu combined comfort food with inventive twists and brilliant presentation styles -- tandoori soya chaamp with burhani raita sauce; masala paneer topped parmesan and pepper tarts; braised lamb shanks with Kashmiri mats wangan curry glaze and a whisky sour cream made with Chivas 12YO; summer vegetable kofta drizzled with a tasty Banarasi gravy; desi ghee lamb shank nihari ; poha topped with a runny egg yolk trapped in an onion ring and served with egg curry; a fruit cream with butterscotch volcano that made the dish look straight out a kitchen drama handbook; and the visually delectable mango ' fourplay' featuring mango cream chilled by liquid nitrogen, aam ras mousse quilted with minted jelly, mango shake and diced mangoes.
Students from three schools in Dubai learned to boil vegetables, bake cakes and cookies, cook dal (pulse), poha (a rice dish), upma (a breakfast dish), and last but not the least, their favourite noodles with the help of solar reflectors.