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POHAPort of Houston Authority
POHAPulmonary Oedema of High Altitude (respiration)
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47) Similarly, two schoolgirls from Colac Bay (an important Kai Tahu settlement in coastal western Southland), Kitty Jones and Maggie Dallas, at least one of whom was Kai Tahu, (48) also co-authored a lengthy article on muttonbirding and the manufacture of poha in the Otago Witness in 1907 for a 'Public Schools Column'.
Poha (6): Rakes of dried and flat toned cooked rice that resemble old-fashioned Ivory soap flakes; they come thick or thin.
If the ground cherry (Physalis pubescens) is misunderstood, blame it partly on the variety of names it's known by - husk tomato, downy winter cherry, Poha berry, strawberry tomato, tomatillo and jamberry.
If things go as planned, then around 21,000 prisoners, lodged in various jails across the state, are likely to get poha , upma and dalia for breakfast instead of the existing sprouts.
Dig into thaleepeeths, sabudana khichdi, poha, piyush and the like, to experience the simple, light, no-nonsense Maharashtrian cuisine that just doesn't seem to take off even in its (so called) own city.
A strange fruit with some better-known relatives, poha is edible like tomatillo and has the papery husk of Chinese lantern.
For breakfast dig into poha, kachoris, samosas and parathas at Rajwada and in the Sarafa Bazr, indulge in jalebis dipped in milk and end the day with cht and sweets at Chappan Dukan.
Occasionally you could also go for vegetable oats poha, seivayan, etc.
Hawaii is a tropical fruit lover's paradise: you'll find coconuts, guavas, mangoes, lichees, papayas, passion fruit (lilikoi), poha berries, and of course pineapples.
Tenders are invited for Supply of cement bag for the construction of concrete road at GP Poha tq Karanja District Washim
What sev is to Bikaner, poha is to Indore and Pune -- at one place, people have it with jalebis and at the other, with khattameetha dal spiked with jaggery and tamarind.
As we drive down the road from Indore to Maheshwar I find dhabas lined all along the way, with displays of massive thals of freshly made poha.