POHIPhysical(ly) and Otherwise Health Impaired
POHIPonca City High School (Ponca City, Oklahoma)
POHIPeople of Historical Importance
POHIPoint of Historical Interest
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He said the ministry was working very closely with relevant ministries to get services connected throughout the country where the POHI programme is underway.
With Also Known As Rowan Pohi, Ralph Fletcher has given readers a funny and poignant tale about a young man searching for a brighter future without the limitations of his background.
Measurements ended at various times in the early morning (prior to 0400), but began no earlier than 1930; all measures can therefore be considered to be in the rest phase (sensu Aschoff and Pohi 1970a, b).
Restructuring includes reactive (passive or defensive) and active (strategic or deep) measures [Carlin and Aghion, 1996; Djankov and Pohi, 19981.
One division is for youth with mental retardation (MH division) and the other is for youth who are "physically or other health impaired" (POHI).
Of possible loans 5 may be Baltic: allikas 'source', kagu 'cuckoo', lava 'stage', poud 'drought' , tosi 'truth', 11 may be Germanic: kare 'rough' , kilp 'shield' , paljas 'bare', pohi 'north', ptiha 'holy', rahu 'peace', raiu-(ma) 'to cut, to chop', saun 'sauna', tupp 'sheath', tosi 'truth', tais 'full', 1 Indo-European (ong 'fishhook') and 4 Indo-Iranian loans: osa 'part', pohi north', suga 'coarse brush', toota-(ma) 'to promise'.
Tamula I matrnispaigas, kus ainsana on sailinud puitu, eristuvad vara- ja keskneoliitikumi piiriga dateeritud matused (VIII ja X), kus haua pohi on vooderdatud okstega.
POHI Program, Blair Moody Elementary School, Taylor, MI Nominated by Sonja Pander, Taylor, MI