POHLLPerformance Optimization for High-Level Languages and Libraries (workshop)
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Pohll and his fellow hydrologists cautioned that their model projections are based on a number of assumptions regarding operation and management of the reservoirs as well as future weather conditions.
Grantham; his mother and stepfather, Ruth and Norm Pohll; four brothers, Kenneth R.
Vivek Patel, Tara Patton, Elizabeth Perry, Joseph Pierce, Tatyana Plaksina, Justen Pohll, Pablo Primo, Caleb Provost, Courtney Pruett,
5, North Eugene (Matthew Young, Justen Pohll, Ben Hermach, Eric Mathews), 1:35.80.
Also for North, Justen Pohll is in the 100 freestyle and Matthew Young is in the 100 butterfly.