POHMPrisoner of His/Her Majesty
POHMPower on High Ministries
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POHM is the Anston Marston distinguished professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at ISU.
As many of Australia's first settlers were convicts, sentenced to transportation, this the or y holds that upon arrival in the country they would be given a uniform with POHM emblazoned on the back, and that convicts with an ex tended stay on Australian soil would no longer have to wear the shirt and would of ten refer to newer entrants into the country as "Pohmmys".
Little is currently touring with Mark Little is a Whinging POHM (Prisoner of His Majesty) which he calls "the Joe Spangle extravaganza".
It comes from the initials POHM (Prisoners of His Majesty), which applied to transported convicts.
I'm standing on Shoreham beach, near our house, in character as the Whinging POHM (stands for Prisoners Of Her Majesty).