PoHSProhibition on Certain Hazardous Substances in Consumer Products (various locations)
PoHSProhibition on Certain Hazardous Substances (Norway)
PoHSPresumed Ocular Histoplasmosis Syndrome
PoHSPeriodic Occupational Health Survey
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I should like to see you walking up High Street, with a pine log in each pocket!— Poh! poh!
"Poh!" said Grandfather to himself, "I must have been dreaming."
"Poh! doctor, one has only just to follow things along as they happen, and he can always work his way out of a scrape!
"Poh!" said the young man, in an under tone, conceiving her surprise to be occasioned by his lowering himself to joke with an inferior, "he is a good, honest fellow, and don't mind a joke at all, I assure you."
'Poh!' said he, moving his fingers carelessly over the notes of his instrument: 'WELL ENOUGH FOR SUCH AN INSTITUTION AS THIS!'
"Poh!" said Haley,--and he said something else, too, with regard to the said dogs, at which Sam muttered,
"Poh! 'twas to frighten the hawk you see sailing above the rock."
"Poh, nonsense, children!" cried their good, honest father, who, as we have already intimated, had an exceedingly common-sensible way of looking at matters.
[5] reported that the peripheral punched-out chorioretinal lesions in POHS corresponded to areas of focal flow loss in the choriocapillaris and deeper choroidal layers on OCTA.
The American Hospital Association (AHA), naturally, refutes the latter claim, insisting the POH ban reduced the federal deficit by $500 million during the same time period.
Section II reviews the literature to date on the effects of POHs and specialty hospitals on utilization and expenditures.