POIAPodkarpacka Okregowa Izba Aptekarska (Poland; pharmaceuticals management)
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They say the Myrmidons returned home safely under Achilles' son Neoptolemus; so also did the valiant son of Poias, Philoctetes.
For information on Walter McClintock's opera Poia, see Smith, Reimagining Indians, 74-78.
Hanson, might conceivably have known about Poia. They might also have known about Victor Herbert's well-publicized Natoma (piano-vocal score, New York, 1911; first production, Philadelphia, 1911), Frederick Shepherd Converse's The Sacrifice (piano-vocal score, New York, 1910; first production, Boston, 1911), and Mary Carr Moore's Narcissa, or The Cost of Empire (piano-vocal score, New York; first production, Seattle, both 1912).
In some cases as Poia, they learn of a way to help their people through rituals such as the Sun-dance which cured illness and spread prosperity through the tribe.