POICPile of Index Cards
POICPayload Operations Integration Center
POICPortland Opportunities Industrialization Center (Portland, OR)
POICPseudo Obstruction Intestinale Chronique (French: Chronic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction)
POICPak-Oman Investment Company Limited (Karachi, Pakistan)
POICPetty Officer In Charge
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The results suggest that the treatment of bacteremia, infective endocarditis, and osteomyelitis is safe and effective in the POIC setting, according to Dr.
The POIC saw the truck was not loaded correctly but decided to press on anyway.
POIC is in compliance with the governance related provisions laid down in the JVA.
The rating assigned to POIC takes into account the governance practices instituted at the organization in the backdrop of the Joint Venture (JV) agreement between the two sponsoring governments, Government of Pakistan (GoP) and Sultanate of Oman (SO).
POIC ensures adequate level of financial transparency and disclosures for the public.
While POIC continues to run an asset liability mismatch and concentration in deposits has remained notable, investments in liquid avenues including government securities provide adequate cover against maturing liabilities, with the company also making efforts towards developing a retail deposit base.
The management of POIC has curtailed equity exposures and adopted a conservative approach towards lending, which resulted in low growth in the financing portfolio during 2009.
The POIC will be the second person aloft and shall ensure the first person in the work detail has properly secured required antenna-rotation safety switches in the "stow/off" position as they ascend.
Para formar uma imagem mais precisa, e necessario ter em mente que as POICs compoem uma nova parte de um antigo e maior mecanismo de geracao e distribuicao de informacoes para o consumo.