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POINTYPiss Off I'm Not Telling You
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In addition to the prologue, Pointy Shoes and Pith Helmets consists of five chapters and a concluding epilogue.
Different versions of this gene push finches toward having blunt beaks (left) or pointy beaks (right).
Well, grab your black pointy hat, take out that rusty black hessian drape from the back of the wardrobe and refresh your memory on how to turn your grumpy neighbor into a mouse.
Round toes are on their way out and pointy toes are marching back into our wardrobes
Take 1 large carrot, peeled and cut into thick long sticks, 2 sticks celery, cut in half lengthways and 1 long pointy red pepper, deseeded and cut into long thick strips.
Round-toed rather than pointy shoes: "I used to always wear pointy shoes, but I have slim ankles, and round-toed shoes make short legs look longer and leaner.
We aim to help individuals who find themselves at the pointy end of the spear--keeping them safe and making their jobs easier.
A vast landscape of pointy red rock formations stretches before us, with the snow-capped peaks of the La Sal Mountains behind them.
You hit sixty-five, we ship you to the Aleutian Islands and place you on an ice floe with matches and a pointy stick.
Maybe you've noticed that the devil is frequently portrayed with goat-like features--horns, a little beard, a pointy chin, and cloven hooves.
Two works by Erik Hanson--a delicate sprig of blue clay flowers and a gray wooden coil topped by pointy peaks--offered three-dimensional translations of, respectively, "disco songs I liked when I was a punk rock DJ" and Kraftwerk's electro anthem "Trans-Europe Express.
At school her class writes stuff in a book that Miss Pointy reads.