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This module generally makes interaction with the Syntax DB for syntax parsing and mapping the XML-formatted syntax to POJO classes which is ready to be dynamically loaded in order to instantiate the POJO events.
This essay examines the possibility of Zen social ethics by contemplating the relationship between wisdom and compassion in two Korean Zen masters, Pojo Chinul and T'oe'ong Songch'ol.
THOUGHT Inc.(R), San Francisco, The Dynamic O/R Mapping(TM) company, has announced that CocoBase(R) Enterprise O/R version 4.5, a market leader and award winning Dynamic Object to Relational Mapping(TM) tool shipping since 1997, increases performance to twice that of raw JDBC for applications using Dynamic POJO Data Persistence(TM) without caching or other tricks.
Kariis (1326), later Karis, and Paya (1335), later Pojo. The former name is identical with the first element of Karisierffui (1539) in Pusula, but it also shows a marked affinity to such Estonian names as Karis (1688) (Johansen 1933 : 392), Kariael (LCD), Carias (LCD) and Kariscae (LCD).
Farmers in the four counties are, therefore, forced to sell their produce ndash commonly known as ndengu or pojo in Kiswahili, in a hurry and at throw away prices to avoid the grain going to waste because it is highly prone to attack by weevils.According to Gabriel Kitetu, the project coordinator of Accelerated Value Chain Development (AVCD) Programme at Farm Africa, green grams farmers should be protected from the cheap imports to increase local demand of their produce.
Poppy Johnson runs Faces by Poppy and Pojo Creative in Bangor A YOUNG businesswoman is finding success thanks to the ethics of hard graft and entrepreneurship instilled in her by her family.
STAR TREATMENT Respite careworker Joanne Hale with David Barcoe, left, and Pojo Hooper, right.