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POLAPort of Los Angeles
POLAPoint-Of-Load Alliance
POLAPrinciple of Least Authority (computer security)
POLAPrinciple of Least Astonishment (FreeBSD)
POLAPathologies Oculaires Liees a l'Age (French)
POLAPathology of Laboratory Animals
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Kuzuko Ogino of the Beauty Research Division, POLA Inc.
While the POLA, in conjunction with the POLB, has estimated approximately 17,000 trucks operate in the port, it is specifically focused on "high frequency" trucks making 300 or more annual port trips.
POLA and POLB Clean Truck Program--Timeline Implement Date Action June 1, 2008 $35 Cargo Fee assessed June 30, 2008 All drayage trucks registered in the DTR database Aug.
Within the five years of the CAAP program, which will begin in 2007, the goal is to reduce diesel particulate emissions at the POLA and the POLB by at least 1200 tons per year and N[O.
Further, POLA management indicates that the size of the CP program is not likely to increase given its intention to limit variable-rate exposure.
A deep-water petroleum import facility such as Pier 400 is already included in the POLA master plan and the harbor was previously dredged to accommodate deep-draft oil tankers.
2015 POLA and POLB volumes are "solid" despite early challenges.
September POLA volumes rose 9 percent annually in what was the port's busiest month going back to August 2006.
Designs incorporating any type of DC-DC converter, including standard POLA and DOSA modules, can be validated using Potentia's PowerCenter Emulation Platform.
While POLB volumes were down, August volumes at POLA were strong, with the port reporting its best month since August 2010.