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POLBPort of Long Beach (Long Beach, California)
POLBProvincial Operating Licence Board (South Africa)
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In addition, the multi-tiered security system that would be in place for an LNG import facility in the POLB would reduce the probability of a successful terrorist event.
Regarding vehicle emissions for the POLB, ships make up 50%; trucks make up 25%; and small boats, cargo-handling equipment, and trains make up the rest.
Now they have a "triple bottom line," which is, according to a POLB mug on his desk: "Economic Vitality, Environmental Health, Community Integrity.
Wong explains that the POLB can "negotiate leases and set terms," but cannot pass laws, so the Green Leases ("environmental covenants") take advantage of their landlord status.
Yes, the POLB is ahead of the state of California (notably, a very progressive state), "doing things above and beyond compliance with existing laws," says Kanter.
25 POLB - Port of Long Beach Expansion: Terminal Upgrade - California
Table 120: POLB - Port of Long Beach Expansion - California, Key Facts
Table 121: POLB - Port of Long Beach Expansion - California, Location Details
Table 122: POLB - Port of Long Beach Expansion - California, Funding Details
The proposed project is to provide to the Port of Long Beach a cost structure for implementing enhanced hardware configurations, providing security modifications to the various security applications utilized by POLB and to develop a comprehensive cyber security training program for security personnel and select stakeholders.
Credit concerns include the authority's high debt burden and debt service schedule which ascends over a long 34-year period, potential changes in the competitive advantages of POLA and POLB (also referred to as the San Pedro ports), and the further loss of revenues due to increased use of trans-loaded containers, containers in which the cargo content is re-packaged before shipment to its final destination.