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POLBPort of Long Beach (Long Beach, California)
POLBProvincial Operating Licence Board (South Africa)
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Starting in October 2014, NREL researchers began to collect in-use duty cycle data using data loggers installed on drayage trucks operating at the POLA and POLB.
As part of its Clean Air Action Plan with the POLB, the POLA has a goal of reducing port emissions by 50% and its overall truck emissions by 80% by the year 2011.
In addition, the multi-tiered security system that would be in place for an LNG import facility in the POLB would reduce the probability of a successful terrorist event.
Regarding vehicle emissions for the POLB, ships make up 50%; trucks make up 25%; and small boats, cargo-handling equipment, and trains make up the rest.
The ports' truck ban was approved in November 2007 and aims to replace or retrofit the 16,800 short-haul trucks serving the POLA and the POLB with cleaner and newer operating trucks as part of the Clean Truck Program outlined in the Clean Air Action Plan.
Though critics might have you believe otherwise, the aggressive clean truck requirements championed by Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster and the Port of Long Beach remain firmly in place, unaffected by the recent settlement between POLB and ATA.
Tenders are invited for Call Pump Repair Services for POLB
2015 POLA and POLB volumes are "solid" despite early challenges.
The POLB plan calls for the replacement of its trucks with no less than 50 percent new alternative-fueled trucks, as well as new or converted diesel trucks that meet the minimum 2007 emission specifications for reduced harmful particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions.
The historical oil field waste was disposed on site prior to the POLB purchase of the property.