POLCPolice Officers Labor Council (Grand Rapids, MI)
POLCPennsylvania Outdoor Lighting Council (Pottstown, PA)
POLCPlanning, Organising, Leading and Controlling (business management techniques)
POLCProblem Oriented List of Charges (healthcare costs)
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The main aim of this study was to investigate the putative association among the presence of prostate cancer cells, defined as prostate osteoblast-like cells (POLCs), and showing the expression of typical morphological and molecular characteristics of osteoblasts, the development of bone metastasis within 5 years of diagnosis, and the uptake of [sup.18]F-choline evaluated by PET/CT analysis.
Results of [sup.18]F-choline PET/CT were collected to verify a possible correlation between [sup.18]F-choline uptake in prostate tumours and the presence of POLCs. [sup.18]F-choline PET/CT analysis was performed as previously described [19, 20].
Immunophenotypic Characterization of POLCs. A significant group effect was observed on the number of RUNX2-positive cancer cells (p = 0.0187), after which post hoc testing showed significantly in BM- (375.4 [+ or -] 20.97) respect to BL (273.3 [+ or -] 27.14) (p = 0.0006).
(24.) Polc, Agnes von Bohmen, 15; Gabor Klaniczay, Holy Rulers and Blessed Princesses: Dynastic Cults in Medieval Central Europe, trans.
Figure 2 suggests this population of organisations life cycle (POLC).
Figure 3 summarises the POLC process in the context of Product and Organisation Life Cycles.
If the POLC holds validity, it would be a very useful mechanism for predicting the consequences of intervention by SBAPs.
The set of nucleotide substitutions at gyrA, polC, and rpoB was used to construct a separate gene phylogeny for each segment and a composite gene phylogeny based on all three segments, using Swofford's PAUP 3.1 (1993) parsimony analysis.
Sequence Divergence at gyrA, polC, and rpoB.--Measures of DNA polymorphism were determined separately for gyrA, polC, rpoB, and the composite sequence, based on the numbers of shared and nonshared restriction recognition sites (using eqs.
These findings are consistent with a model of the GABA/benzodiazepine receptor complex in which barbiturates facilitate opening of the chloride-ion channel, and picrotoxin and Ro5-3663 act at the same site within the receptor complex but have the opposite effect (Polc, 1988).
Some previous behavioral studies (Gherezghiher & Lal, 1982; Petersen et al., 1982) and pharmacological studies (Polc, 1981; Scholfield, 1983) have found different interactions of flumazenil with barbiturates and benzodiazepines.