POLCAPPetroleum, Oil, & Lubricants Capabilities Report
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Because both were politically significant in the development of America, their contributions to the POLCAP available to modern America will be considered.
Most individuals benefit from positive POLCAP and suffer from negative POLCAP as passive recipients of unavoidable outcomes.
Totalitarian societies are clearly rich in negative POLCAP. They exist to benefit those in power.
This is the positive purpose of POLCAP. Collective action by a large population is so difficult that effective institutions and leadership are both necessary.
POLCAP refers to fixed mandatory relationships embodied in law and the concomitant psychological bonds of reciprocity between citizens of a nation.
Negative SOCAP may also dominate positive SOCAP in Ulster, Sudan, Colombia, Afghanistan and other parts of the world where POLCAP is non-existent, ECOCAP is scarce and PSYCAP is undeveloped.
The SOCAP and POLCAP that unified the Serbs also provoked a war in which the U.S.