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POLESPolar Exchange at the Sea Surface
POLESProspective Outlook on Long-Term Energy Systems
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The agreement/lease for preparation of HT and LT spin poles in Jehangira pole plant is for 5 years.
Utility companies have experts on staff managing their large wood-pole inventories, determining which poles must be repaired, reinforced, or replaced.
One length makes the poles used for Nordic walking safer, lighter and more durable, Edwards says.
The establishment and maintenance of utility poles and related support structures and the acquisition of rights of way require significant financial investments and only a few can afford to do so.
As you bounce jigs on the bottom, spread out a few cane poles with small bobbers set for various depths.
Walking with Nordic Walking Poles can help to make an existing walking campaign become more effective.
CTS Middle East, which specialises in products used for aboveground storage tanks, has been selected by Saudi Aramco as the supplier of choice for the design, manufacture and installation of gauge pole socks on Aramco storage tanks.
The image on Google's home page shows a female pole vaulter attempting a leap over the bar using a long and flexible pole.
It debunks common misconceptions about totem pole, and explores the stories behind the making and displaying of 90 different poles.
The pole vault is a complex athletics event that requires considerable ability in sprinting, jumping, and gymnastics.
Over the past 10 years, poles have saved me from hundreds of falls and have proved valuable in many other ways.
Pentachlorophenol (penta) has been one of the major preservatives used to treat wood utility poles to protect them from decay fungi and insect attacks in various environments.