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POLICEProtect Optimal Loading, Ice, Compression, Elevation (injury management)
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The police have been unable to discover any motive for the murder.
"Because she has to be found,", declared the commissary of police solemnly.
Lecount, "I think your father would have waited until he had got something more for the police to do than we have got for them yet.
And why, I should like to know, are the police never to be wrong?
He was also anxious about the future, reflecting that the police must detain Helen and Margaret for the inquest and ferret the whole thing out.
But it must have been so--the sight of Rokoff there and the woman's later repudiation of me to the police make it impossible to place any other construction upon her acts.
She saw Pinkertons, special police, and strikers go down.
He heard the roar of the mob at the rear, and caught a glimpse of the helmeted police and the lurching meat waggons.
Rowan, Commissioner of Police, Scotland Yard: I've found the bank robber, Phileas Fogg.
"And the first thing for the police to do," added Mr.
He accordingly decided, in Isabel's interests, on confiding to his friend the nature of his errand to the police. Concealing the name, but concealing nothing else, he described what had happened on the previous day at Lady Lydiard's house, and then put the question plainly to his companion.