POLINATPollution from Aircraft Emissions in the North Atlantic Flight Corridor
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"These results indicate that Xanthigen may suppress fatty tissue build-up through multiple mechanisms and may have further explained applications for this dietary supplement in improving liver functions and managing obesity," said Vladimir Badmaev, MD, PhD, director of scientific and medical affairs for RL Thomas and Polinat. "One of the interesting aspects of the reported mechanism is activation of the Sirti gene expression (Sirti is sometimes referred to as 'youth factor') in the mature fat cells.
Polinat has also appointed PL Thomas (PLT), Morristown, NJ, as exclusive representative of Polinat's line of standardized fruit and botanical extracts in North America.
POM40p was developed in collaboration with a Canary Islands-based research company called Polinat SL.
Consequently, Polinat SL only produces pomegranate extract that is rigorously standardized to punicosides A + B, and ellagic acid (ellagitannins).