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POLISPolicing Online Information System (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe)
POLISPolarimetric Littrow Spectrograph
POLISParliamentary On-Line Information System (various locations)
POLISPersonal On Line Information Service
POLISPolitics and International Studies (University of Cambridge department)
POLISPHOENICS (Parabolic Hyperbolic or Elliptic Numerical Integration Code Series) On-Line Information System
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That is, the polis is understood as being grounded in a sharing through which the diverse citizens assist each other in meeting their needs.
But the book does not really get to grips with the logic of the relationship between such phenomena: why exactly do all these things add up to state or polis formation?
Polis mayor Angelos Georgiou told the Sunday Mail that Polis met the required criteria to create an artificial reef and it would provide a real boost to the area.
Crossing the boundaries between ancient history and archaeology and drawing on spatial theory the project will look at the many ways that public monuments were used to define and contest relationships of power within the Roman period polis (c.
Now, more than ever, we need to reform and reinvigorate America's education system so every child has the opportunity to attend a great public school, learn and thrive," said Polis.
Polis campaigned on an environmental platform and is thrilled with the bill's initiative to make federal buildings greener and to provide incentives for environmentally friendly construction.
We have the capacity and the responsibility to teach children how to save more, spend wisely, and invest smartly," said Jared Polis, commission chairman and vice-chair of the Colorado State Board of Education.
A warehouse with agricultural pesticides owned by a 43-year-old fruit and vegetable vendor from Polis Chrysochous was damaged by arson on Wednesday night.
THE DELEGATION OF GAY AND LESBIAN CONGRESS members increases by 50% in 2009, when Jared Polis of Colorado's second district joins representatives Barney Frank and Tammy Baldwin on the Hill.
Harry was an officer with Strathclyde Police for 29 years before he published the first in his Harry The Polis series.
A 43-year-old British tourist had to be rescued on Friday evening after he got lost and trapped in wild bushes in Polis Chrysochous.