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POLISPolitics and International Studies (University of Cambridge department)
POLISPHOENICS (Parabolic Hyperbolic or Elliptic Numerical Integration Code Series) On-Line Information System
POLISPolicing Online Information System (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe)
POLISPolarimetric Littrow Spectrograph
POLISParliamentary On-Line Information System (various locations)
POLISPersonal On Line Information Service
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Chapter 3 ('The world outside the polis, 90-168) addresses the construction of chronology on a supra-polis basis; here the Thucydides passage mentioned is discussed, and his approach to devising a system of dating that was independent of various local systems.
Scorpions emerge from their refuge only occasionally to forage (Polis 1980b; Bradley 1988; Warburg & Polis 1990).
This presentation tries to show, from reading the lessons of Parmenides, the original link between polis and artwork, between politics and aesthetics.
The eighth century, a period of recovery following a time of "material poverty and social insecurity on a grand scale" (Langdon 1993, 9) and the period that witnessed the infancy of the polis, was also ideally suited to the burgeoning of utopian thought.
The polis said that George might get a letter, but then again, he might not.
Naturally, one would be hard pressed to find an equivalent of the fully evolved polis of classical times in Homer's works as the polis itself existed only in embryonic form in the middle of the eighth century.
Bruising can also be caused by medications that interfere with clotting or from certain diseases," Polis notes.
Part of the reason for the increase in Chilean wine revenues, Polis says, is that U.
Despite the mysteries remaining, Forster and Andrade's redback-spider observations have convinced Polis, among others, that the predictions of male complicity were correct.
They will be championed by Dr Frank van Vliet, of Rotterdam, Holland, the president of the Polis network, representing 55 European cities and regions.
Gary Polis says his decision to begin studying scorpions in the early 1970s was "purely serendipitous.
The dynamics of any population are influenced by multiple factors (Dunson and Travis 1991, Polis 1991, Persson et al.