POLISARIOFrente Popular de Liberación de Saguia-El-Hamra y Rio de Oro (Popular Liberation Front for Western Sahara)
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The Republic of Mauritius was among the supporters of the Polisario Front with its recognition of the so -called RASD in 1982.
Proces pour genocide contre le polisario a Madrid: Le Parlement europeen appele a interpeller l'Algerie sur les graves crimes commis a Tindouf (Mustapha Salma)
Morocco and Polisario engaged in broad and frank discussions on each other's proposals on Western Sahara in an atmosphere of mutual respect despite the fact that each party continues to reject the proposal of the other as a basis for future negotiations," Christopher Ross, the UN's special envoy to the region, said on Tuesday.
Polisario reach a just and permanent political solution that would guarantee
Underlining Morocco's right to preserve its sovereignty and territorial integrity, the monarch rejected accusations of human rights abuse against Polisario activists and other movements supporting the independence of the Western Sahara from Morocco.
It accused Algeria and the Polisario of trying to scuttle efforts to forge a peaceful solution to the conflict before a UN Security Council meeting on the dispute later this month.
The Polisario have been successful in organising a united front and creating a nation of Saharawi people recognisable as deserving their 'right to self-determination' as specified by UN Resolution 1514.
Some 60 (including, of course, East Timor) recognize the Polisario Front's exile government.
sponsored peace negotiations with Israel in the late 1970s, formally endorsed the Polisario cause, though such support was little more than rhetoric.
Morocco and the Polisario Front are still at odds over who should be entitled to vote, while the United Nations wants its peace plan to go ahead by the end of this year.
Le Parlement europeen et les pays qui abritent les tortionnaires du Polisario sont appeles a [beaucoup moins que]interpeller[beaucoup plus grand que] l'Algerie sur les graves crimes commis sur son territoire a Tindouf par des dirigeants du Polisario, poursuivis pour genocide par la justice espagnole, a affirme le militant sahraoui, Mustapha Salma Ould Sidi Miloud.