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POLLPublic Opinion Location Library
POLLPost Oak Little League (Houston, TX)
POLLPower on Leased Line (modems)
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And don't you know that I won't have no Poll Parroting on the part of my daughter?
You could go on Poll Parroting enough with her, when I warn't come in: Poll Parrot a little with her on this pint.
You can Poll Parrot enough when you ain't wanted to Poll Parrot, you perwerse jade
When that was done, he awoke to a clear perception that Poll Parroting was solely chargeable with what had passed.
Horatio Fizkin, Esquire, of Fizkin Lodge, demanded a poll, and a poll was fixed accordingly.
First, I was amazed how the creature got thither; and then, how he should just keep about the place, and nowhere else; but as I was well satisfied it could be nobody but honest Poll, I got over it; and holding out my hand, and calling him by his name, "Poll," the sociable creature came to me, and sat upon my thumb, as he used to do, and continued talking to me, "Poor Robin Crusoe
com/politics/ibd-tipp-presidential-election-poll/) IBD/TIPP expanded the poll to include dark-horse candidates Johnson and Stein, Trump garnered a 2-point advantage (Trump 45, Clinton, 43, Johnson 8, Stein 2).
pleads a volunteer sign-up form for poll watchers on the real estate mogul's website.
Referring to an opinion poll broadcast by a TV channel on April 14, the EC said it included results of 111 Lok Sabha constituencies where polling had already taken place which in effect becomes dissemination of the result of exit polls in the said seats.
They list the names of eligible voters, like traditional poll books, but they typically save time and administrative costs of an election.
In this altered, electronic environment, strategically timed national opinion polls and symbolic media messages crafted by political consultants have become almost as important in shaping Jamaican voters' views of their world as the more tangible realities of economic conditions and class interests.