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addition of two new lighting points in Poln Street and extension of the existing pavement with a pedestrian crossing between the Pota caf and the FX alda Theater at nm.
Polyphor is based in Allschwil near Basel and is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (SIX: POLN).
column 4), which has a slightly large divergence in variable POLN. The generated patterns plotted in Figure 4 show that the three trajectories of QL are almost coincident, but the policy of the SSE version yields a slightly more pollution and requires more capital investment than that of Forrester.
([double dagger]) JVWX = last leaf with juvenile wax, ADRT = last node with adventitious roots, TLLR = tiller number, ADWX = first leaf with adult wax visible, PBSC = first leaf with pubescence, ERLF = ear leaf number, TTLF = total leaf number, ERHT = ear height, PLHT = plant height, POLN = days to mid-pollen, and SILK = days to mid-silk.
The subject of the public contract is the realization of the work within the project entitled: Doln Kounice Jirskova and Poln Street.
Poln cesta (PC) VPC 11 is designed in category P 4,0 / 30 according to CSN 736109 - single-lane secondary field road from the edge of the affected plot par.
The first section starts at Poln Street and is partially led by a green belt.
As part of the construction, the existing parking area bounded by Na Nivch, Poln and Prochzka streets, incl.
Contract notice: cleaning services for the regional administration and maintenance of vysocina highways - poln center