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POLOParallel Optical Links Organization
POLOPolycrystalline-Silicon-on-Oxide (solar cells)
POLOParallel Optical Link Organization
POLOPlayers Only Live Once
POLOPants Off Legs Open
POLOPolar Orbiting Lunar Observatory
POLOPacific Operations Liaison Office
POLOPeople Only Love Once
POLOPublic Order & Licensing Offense
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He told him that he wished him to play at polo. Accordingly the king mounted his horse and went into the place where he played.
"As for that of the Salamancan," replied the curate, "let it go to swell the number of the condemned in the yard, and let Gil Polo's be preserved as if it came from Apollo himself: but get on, gossip, and make haste, for it is growing late."
"But if by the will of God there arises any other game which is not the polo game, then be assured, Colonel Sahib and officers, that we will play it out side by side, though they," again his eye sought Dirkovitch, "though they, I say, have fifty ponies to our one horse." And with a deep- mouthed Rung ho!
In Lodge's strange romance A Margarite of America, it was stated that in the chamber of the queen one could behold "all the chaste ladies of the world, inchased out of silver, looking through fair mirrours of chrysolites, carbuncles, sapphires, and greene emeraults." Marco Polo had seen the inhabitants of Zipangu place rose-coloured pearls in the mouths of the dead.
Into these pavilions he admitted the elect, and there, says Marco Polo, gave them to eat a certain herb, which transported them to Paradise, in the midst of ever-blooming shrubs, ever-ripe fruit, and ever-lovely virgins.
Shandur Polo ground was situated at a highest level 3800m called as the 'Roof of the World' and the King Games has been held annually since 1936.
Speaking on the occasion, he said holding of such a big polo festival in Shandoor Valley is a breakthrough reflecting that peace has been restored in the country.
This commercial suit was filed by Beverly Hills Polo Club which is the owner of the trademark in India.
In the polo festival, four matches are played between Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan in which the concluding item and breathtaking moment of the festival is the match between the major teams of the areas.
Marco Polo Davao's Restos, Bars and Events Manager Rene Gargallo with Chef Neil Indonilla
said that they are enjoying their tour to Pakistan as well as level of its polo, which has been improving gradually.
Dubai: Zedan Polo and UAE Polo emerged champions in the 2019 Hildon Cup and Silver Cup respectively on an excellent day of polo at the Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club.